Monday, 3 June 2013

You May Now Kiss the Bride

April ~

So my friends have gone on about me getting married this summer for absolutely ages now (David proposed while drunk back in February too haha) but April finally marked the beginning of a beautiful marriage!

Not to David, of course. I married my beautiful wifies Grace and Sophie *heart*

This was the start of our baking & sewing days where I finally learnt how to make a dress ^^

Me and Sophie hard at work drafting a pattern for the bodice of my dress. I'd never drafted or used a pattern before so they were teaching me ^^

Because Loli's like to have cake fights xD

I finished the dress on 28th April and I was so pleased ^^

With and without a petticoat

During out second wifing meet we made pizza (mine was duck shaped because why not xD)

 I love my wifies <3

Never stop being so wonderful!

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