Saturday, 27 July 2013

Asian Genes

So there I was causally browsing Facebook and suddenly I stumbled upon this:

How Asians Age

I want to look that good in my 30's! Hopefully my Asian Gene will be that good to me ^^

My personal age defying Asian: 

Click to view full size image
Joey Meng - 42

Good god please let me look THIS fabulous!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

I'll Follow You Until You Love Me

Today was finally the Middlesbrough x Leeds lolis crossover meet in York and it was ABSOLUTELY boiling!!! The theme was spots and stripes and at first I was going to make something since I accumulated a big bundle of red x white polka dot fabric.Sadly, I faffed with X, Y and Z for all that time and became a 'sweatshop slave' to my dearest Kimberry until the day before the meet I was not able to make anything -__-' 
When I got home I rummaged to find something. I knew there had to be SOMETHING!
In the end I made a co-ord around my Wondertropolis blouse, wearing it with Cat in the Window.

I didn't make it to the meet until later because unknown to me, it was race day in York and the train I planned to get was too full so I wasn't allowed on for health and safety reasons. @___@

In the end I met up with everyone at Wagamama. 
It was so nice to see everyone again! Especially my lovelies from my old Middlesbrough comm and as always, it's lovely to see the frillies of Leeds. I am forever thankful for my two lovely comms!
Thankfully, Michaela also hadn't made the JSK she said she was going to either xD high-five to being all talk!

Today also marked the birth of the Loli Paparazzi because sometimes Lolis get sick of being papped so we're going to pap you instead!!!

My wifey Hana photo-bombing someone being Loli Papped

With 2 of my lovely wives *__* 
Mr Yan would be so jealous of my ability to accumulate wives xD hopefully David doesn't mind too much ^^' 

I also bought a lovely white Meta JSK from Hana and changed into it for the journey home because it really was just too warm in that blouse and corset skirt! 

Thanks for such a great meet guys! See yous at Frock On!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Allllpacpacpacpacpac ~

Over the weekend (28th - 30th June) I was at Q-Con in Belfast for the first time while I was visiting David.
I flew on the 28th and since I was getting bored at the airport I decided to get an 'Express manicure' since I had never had a manicure before. It was very theraputic and relaxing ^^

A shimmery pink polish by OPI

I was then told that they wouldn't be touch try for about 10 minutes and then it would take a further 45 minutes - an hour for them to be 100% dry which sounds crazy, but was true. However, this made paying an issue since my nails were wet. The girl pretty much had to get my money out of my purse for me ^^'
The manicure also wasn't as 'express' as I hoped and took half an hour rather than 15 minutes as advertised so when the woman at the gates asked to see my idea I had to apologise to her for not being able to get my ID out of it's slot in my purse because my nails were wet ^^'

However, it was a nice experience so if you're flying from Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport, it's The Cloud. 


This was my first time at Q-Con and the first thing I saw once I got into the Traders Hall were the Alpacas *___*

I bought myself a yellow one ^^

I left that day with 3 Alpacas - one for me and 2 for back home. I looked like I'd robbed the place xD
The only annoying thing was carrying them because they were so fat and the glitter kept coming off and their scarves and went everywhere ><

Over the weekend I also view lots of anime and met some lovely Lolis!
It's always a joy to meet a fellow frilly and hopefully I will see you all again!

My Co-ord:

Blouse: Primark
JSK: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Offband
Shoes: Highstreet