Monday, 28 July 2014

My Anime Wardrobe

So I've been making my way through To Love Ru and if there is one thing I really love, it's the clothes! Seriously, why are real life clothes on the high street this cute? T___T

I've been sewing for a couple of years now and always sew Lolita or loli-able clothes. Recently I've been working in bridal so I've actually got a little lazy in terms of sewing BUT, I thought it could be a cute and fun project to actually pick out some of my favoutrite outfits from various animes and actually make them! Yay! I had to think about this for a moment but I have decided that while it easily could be cosplay, it's not cosplay to me. It's not about dressing up as the character, I just their clothes! 2D CLOTHES ENVY!!!! 

These are my three favourite outfits from To Love Ru Darkness. Whether Or not I make them all is another story but I do have some fabric on hand to make Yami's pink dress!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Oh Le Meow Meow ~

New season, new anime! This season I picked up Tokyo Ghoul, Akame ga Kill and Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus.
After much debating, I decided to give Sailor Moon Crystal a go too but ugh...I really, really couldn't. I couldn't even fully watch the first episode, it just wasn't the Sailor Moon I knew and loved. While the new art style is trying to be closer to the manga, it just doesn't do it for me. I miss the Usagi-chan who looked like this and LOVED toast!

The image was taken from here > a really fun link for what others made of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Anyway, I satisfied my curiosity and very, very quickly went back to watch some of the original Sailor Moon. Some things should just be left alone.

However, I'm really liking the darker nature and the blood in Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kill! They're both quite different to the series I'd previously watched and I'm enjoying the change. Though I do like Akame ga Kill a lot more.

Having fallen in love with Kuroshitsuji (and Sebastian himself) I knew I was going to pick up Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus and so far it has not disappointed and I still love the characters and style and it just makes me want to cosplay! ^^

Until episode 2, I kind of forgot about how much Sebastian loves cats. I mean I love cats but Bassy, he LOVES cats!

Oh Sebastian, you're a crazy cat demon and I'm a crazy cat lady, we're made for each other!!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Finally Sewn!

I made a thing! :D
I've had this 100% cotton plaid fabric for over three years ago (oops...) and I FINALLY made a halterneck dress with a sweetheart neckline and empire waist. 
The bust didn't quite fit though, I think it was designed for someone with bigger boobs so I added a little pleat in each side to make it fit.

I also added a little panel of shirring in the back and waist ties

Close up of the bodice with handmade organza flowers. I learnt how to make these at work, they're so pretty ^^

I don't have a mirror in my flat so I couldn't take a worn photo until I went out ^^'
The cardigan is from Emily Temple Cute.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Belfast in Food

Since I've been in Belfast I've done a LOT of eating and at the moment, Japanese food is my absolute FAVOURITE thing!!!

 One of my favourite places to eat is Obento. You can get most meals for £6.50! £6.50!
They have a great range of sushi, noodles, rice n bento box meals! Their chicken katsu bento is a must eat and the salmon nigiri is also very, very yummy!

Ebi tempura udon noodle soup

The tempura is SOOO good! I fancy some sushi too so I also got a side of grilled salmon sushi.

Sakura is the closest Japanese restaurant to where I'm living. From 12pm to 5pm, all their sushi dishes are £1.90 and £2. I actually prefer Obento's sushi as I think it looks nicer and tastes better but I'm still happy to go to Sakura ^^

This is totally my favourite place! Little Cupcake Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, desserts, ice cream AND bubble tea! BUBBLE TEA!

Cantaloupe with lychee pobbles is my favourite to date ^^ 

That's it for now! More food adventures to come!!!

DIY Green Tea Ice Cream

I have this week off from my placement which has been really good fun so far!
I have learnt more than I have over the past two years of university though...kinda bad right? I really love the hands on nature of this and can't believe I've been allowed to actually work on people's wedding dresses already! I hope I did a good job! ^^'

The beautiful beaded belts from Lizzie Agnew - I made one like the one in the middle last week ^^


Soo...right now I have a LOT of time of on my hands so I decided to try and make my own Green Tea ice cream since the Asian supermarket had run out. There are lots and lots of recipes for how to make this without an ice cream machine on the internet/ youtube. The recipe I used is from

237ml milk
250ml whipping cream (I used double cream this time because I wanted the leftovers for my strawberries ^^')
100g caster sugar
3tbsp matcha powder (I used 7 sachets of an ice green tea powder as an alternative)

1. Dissolve green tea powder in the milk 
2. Whip cream and sugar - I don't have a whisk so I whipped mine with a fork for about 15 minutes to Kobato ^^'
3. Mix the two together (takes a little bit of time to get it smooth - I used a spatula)
4. Transfer into a bowl and put in the freezer
5. Take out and mix well ever 45 minutes

I started quite late so I left it over night but most recipes recommend around 3 - 4 hours.


Although it was a little icy in the middle it was still very yummy, no lie!
Next time I'll mix harder and use whipping cream to make it smoother.

Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello again Q-con and hello again all you fuzzy alpacas! (20th - 22nd June)
The guy selling the Alpacas recognises me no matter what wig and style I'm wearing since that fateful day I walked off with three big Alpacas ^^'

Pre-con selfie (Saturday)

This year I wanted things to make my flat pretty and cute so here's my bundle!

Look at all the cute things!!! >w<
I didn't get an outfit shot but I DO have a lovely chibi portrait by Eternal-S. See her beautiful work here >

JSK - DOL Happy Garden
Cutsew - Taobao
OTKs - Primark
Shoes - Ebay
Bunny Hairband - Fox Cherry

Thanks for having me again Q-Con!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

City of Water

Hello hello!
So back in June David and I went to VENICE! We left Belfast very early to get to Dublin airport for our early morning flight. In comparison to all the airports I'd been to, Dublin was very big and had these amazing holes in the wall you could curl up in!
Once we got to Mestre it was VERY warm and took a fair while to get to our hotel. Since we were so early we could check in since check in was at 2pm so surprisingly enough, we actually went into Venice! It took about 15 minutes on the bus.

First photo of Venice! It was so beautiful

The first thing I noticed was a bakery with LOTS of goods in the window! I got a Super Cannoli and it was SO good but the icing sugar went all over the place ^^' 
I was really enchanted by the colourful things but turns out they were just meringues 

Most of the travelling was over the majority of the adventure was done by Vaporetto (water bus) until Saturday and Sunday when we realised it was actually really easy to walk from one place to another and because the Vaporetto wasn't running on the Sunday. The views were really nice if you were able to sit alongside the rails.

Venice has the most beautiful buildings - the architecture is amazing!

St Mark's Square
It's not quite as I remembered it from An Idiot Abroad

More lovely landscapes

Murano - like a mini Venice but not as busy and with even more glass!

Inside a glass factory - all these glasses are the last of their kind!

Glass duckies!

Gondola selfie!

St Mark's Square by night - so beautiful <3



I really, like REALLY enjoyed the food in Venice! I also had 3 double scoop gelatos but sadly they didn't last long enough to be photographed ^^'


While souvenir shopping I came across all these Triangels which had Triumph in the Skies written on the tag. I can't believe they actually took the whole Triangel thing and made them for tourists xD

Things I bought myself ^^
The glass is from the factory for 20 euros - officially the fanciest thing in my kitchen!
We kept and eye out in Venice since I bought it and I really do think it's the last of it's kind. I'll look after you!!!

Bye bye Venice - we'll be back!