Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Belfast in Food

Since I've been in Belfast I've done a LOT of eating and at the moment, Japanese food is my absolute FAVOURITE thing!!!

 One of my favourite places to eat is Obento. You can get most meals for £6.50! £6.50!
They have a great range of sushi, noodles, rice n bento box meals! Their chicken katsu bento is a must eat and the salmon nigiri is also very, very yummy!

Ebi tempura udon noodle soup

The tempura is SOOO good! I fancy some sushi too so I also got a side of grilled salmon sushi.

Sakura is the closest Japanese restaurant to where I'm living. From 12pm to 5pm, all their sushi dishes are £1.90 and £2. I actually prefer Obento's sushi as I think it looks nicer and tastes better but I'm still happy to go to Sakura ^^

This is totally my favourite place! Little Cupcake Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, desserts, ice cream AND bubble tea! BUBBLE TEA!

Cantaloupe with lychee pobbles is my favourite to date ^^ 

That's it for now! More food adventures to come!!!

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