Wednesday, 2 July 2014

City of Water

Hello hello!
So back in June David and I went to VENICE! We left Belfast very early to get to Dublin airport for our early morning flight. In comparison to all the airports I'd been to, Dublin was very big and had these amazing holes in the wall you could curl up in!
Once we got to Mestre it was VERY warm and took a fair while to get to our hotel. Since we were so early we could check in since check in was at 2pm so surprisingly enough, we actually went into Venice! It took about 15 minutes on the bus.

First photo of Venice! It was so beautiful

The first thing I noticed was a bakery with LOTS of goods in the window! I got a Super Cannoli and it was SO good but the icing sugar went all over the place ^^' 
I was really enchanted by the colourful things but turns out they were just meringues 

Most of the travelling was over the majority of the adventure was done by Vaporetto (water bus) until Saturday and Sunday when we realised it was actually really easy to walk from one place to another and because the Vaporetto wasn't running on the Sunday. The views were really nice if you were able to sit alongside the rails.

Venice has the most beautiful buildings - the architecture is amazing!

St Mark's Square
It's not quite as I remembered it from An Idiot Abroad

More lovely landscapes

Murano - like a mini Venice but not as busy and with even more glass!

Inside a glass factory - all these glasses are the last of their kind!

Glass duckies!

Gondola selfie!

St Mark's Square by night - so beautiful <3



I really, like REALLY enjoyed the food in Venice! I also had 3 double scoop gelatos but sadly they didn't last long enough to be photographed ^^'


While souvenir shopping I came across all these Triangels which had Triumph in the Skies written on the tag. I can't believe they actually took the whole Triangel thing and made them for tourists xD

Things I bought myself ^^
The glass is from the factory for 20 euros - officially the fanciest thing in my kitchen!
We kept and eye out in Venice since I bought it and I really do think it's the last of it's kind. I'll look after you!!!

Bye bye Venice - we'll be back!

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