Wednesday, 9 July 2014

DIY Green Tea Ice Cream

I have this week off from my placement which has been really good fun so far!
I have learnt more than I have over the past two years of university though...kinda bad right? I really love the hands on nature of this and can't believe I've been allowed to actually work on people's wedding dresses already! I hope I did a good job! ^^'

The beautiful beaded belts from Lizzie Agnew - I made one like the one in the middle last week ^^


Soo...right now I have a LOT of time of on my hands so I decided to try and make my own Green Tea ice cream since the Asian supermarket had run out. There are lots and lots of recipes for how to make this without an ice cream machine on the internet/ youtube. The recipe I used is from

237ml milk
250ml whipping cream (I used double cream this time because I wanted the leftovers for my strawberries ^^')
100g caster sugar
3tbsp matcha powder (I used 7 sachets of an ice green tea powder as an alternative)

1. Dissolve green tea powder in the milk 
2. Whip cream and sugar - I don't have a whisk so I whipped mine with a fork for about 15 minutes to Kobato ^^'
3. Mix the two together (takes a little bit of time to get it smooth - I used a spatula)
4. Transfer into a bowl and put in the freezer
5. Take out and mix well ever 45 minutes

I started quite late so I left it over night but most recipes recommend around 3 - 4 hours.


Although it was a little icy in the middle it was still very yummy, no lie!
Next time I'll mix harder and use whipping cream to make it smoother.

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