Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Chocolate Story

For National Pink Day we had a Loli Meet in York where we did lunch at Wagamama (I had a fried rice with tofu in - I lOVE tofu) and then went to adventure around York.
We invaded the Fudge Kitchen and met a 'Mr Fudge' who's name I don't remember but he was a very animated character who suggested we come picnic next time xD
We also got to sample a piece of fudge which was absolutely yummy!
However, we swiftly had to leave our new little friend as we had a tour of York's Chocolate Story ahead.

We were taken on a little adventure through chocolate time and got to sample some bits of chocolate (I won't say what happened just in case I spoil it for anyone) but it was good yummy fun!
I even left with my own big chocolate lolly! 
Definitely worth a visit if you like yourself a piece of chocolate! Check out their website here >

Sadly, there are no photos (but lots of the public got photos of us ^^') and the day ended with an extreme 'loli-run' to catch the train!

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