Wednesday, 19 June 2013

We So Super-Kawaii-Desu!

While David was over in May we decided to go to The Deep out of the blue (I've always wanted to go to an aquarium) and I absolutely loved it! There was such a peaceful feeling being surrounded by all that water and  sea life. I actually started feeling guilty for enjoying seafood so much ^^'
My darling friend 'AZN sista' Tasha suggested that we visited the Moon Jellyfish and I'm so glad we did!

Aren't they the most amazing looking things? We will most definitely go back to see them again!
The animal I associate with Lolita's is cats but one of these babies would make an awesome pet! Their frilly tentacles and poofy shapes make them the perfect Loli companion!

While on the subject of Lolita, I went to a mini meet with Hana and Tasha in Hull today to see some Madame Clapham dresses at Hull Museum. Two were Victorian and the other was from the 20's. It was amazing to how well preserved they were (they were very delicate and we had to wear gloves to handle them.)  Amazingly, the silk was still in one piece and unaffected by beasties. I fell in love with all the scrummy  lace trims too!
After we'd seen the dresses I got to pay a visit to someone special, the mummified  Priest in the Egypt room. It was displayed with the Sarcophagus in a dark room which gave it a really creepy feel (I'm usually not bothered at all by mummies but it really did create some dodgy atmosphere) but it was just to stop the bright light damaging the guy.

Hana soon remembered the toilets in the basement of the Victorian (?) section and I heard of the 'poo photo competition' so we had to have a poo photo (we're so classy and Sophie, I promise this is not betrayal!)

There was no way we could not laugh, I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even make my best poo face!

We then went to the BBC place where Tasha's AZN mama offered us chocolate if we could get double digits in her quiz. i have NEVER worked so hard for chocolate haha xD
We also visited the Transport Museum and got to play some retro games, see What The Butler Saw (marked adults only for good reasons!) and we also saw some really dodgy things. This was followed by sitting in a coach thingy (?), visiting an old sweet shop, being called Princesses by a 3 year old child (he was adorable!) and sitting in a Victorian coach! 

Our 'Sexy British Pose' to contrast with our 'Super Kawaii Desu Pose'.

It was good to see you Hana and you AZN Sista!
It's been a fabulous day!

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