Saturday, 1 June 2013

The End is the Beginning

Ah so the move from my old blog finally happened. It was a fun blog but I felt like it was time to move along.
I've been so beesee with life (ha, I don't have a life xD)that I haven't actually blogged since February which is sad because I do enjoy it. There have been so many things that I would like to have shared, and you know what? Here comes March!

March marked my 3rd Leeds Loli meet and it was a green themed meet since it was St Patrick's day. The only green thing I owned at the time was my mint cardigan with the lilac hearts so I went out to Leeds Market and bought some fabric with green roses on to make a skirt. In the end I made a pleated skirt with side zip. A pleated skirt was more challenging than I thought and in the end I gave up with the maths and eyeballed it. I learnt the hard way that sewing in like baking, it has to be accurate - don't eyeball it! But I was still pleased with it :)

I also came to realise that I just simply didn't own enough headgear! There was a lack of accessories that I never registered until then. I knew I wanted to make a floral hairband so I went out to get some artificial flowers. I didn't want it to be just green so I introduced some teal and lilac.

Ta da! Here's the the greens for Green Meet sorted out! I am very proud of all the handmade elements!

This meet was organised by Vief and we went to the Reliance for foods and after that we played games. It was a very nice and chilled meet ^^
I got the fish and double fried chips which were delish! And mint tea because GREEN!!!

The game of the meet for me was Kakkerlakken Salade - that game REALLY had my brain working! There were four veggies (tomato, lettuce, cauliflower and pepper) and you have to say the one that is on your card unless the person before you said it in which case you'd have to pick another. However, if a cockroach bans a veggie you can't say it! I always got boggled when someone stole my veggie @__@
But still, thank you for introducing me to this game Vief!!!

Photos taken before and during the meet

Hairband - handmade (all flowers from Wilkinsons)
Cutsew - MKOne (bow from an old blouse)
Cardigan - New Look
Skirt - Handmade
Shoes - Debenhams 

I am SO proud of this totally offbrand co-ord *heart*


Check out Vief''s post on her AMAZING meet here>

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