Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I Come From Taiwan...Just Kidding!

Today I went into Manchester again and made yet another discovery!
A shop called I Came From Taiwan which sells Bubble Tea (yay Bubble Tea!) *heart*
You can never have too many Bubble Tea shops! The price was quite standard at £3 (regular) and £3.50 (large). I was really confused about which was the regular Bubble Tea, it turned out to be the Ceylon.

It's hard to see, but I tried to take a photo of all the flavours.
They also have a loyalty card thing where after you collect 6 stamps you get one for free.

I got Honeydew Milk Tea. I tried to capture the colour - it was a very vivid mint green colour.


I also bought one of the super kawaii desu dessert books!

Someone's going to be making scrummy desserts!
Isn't my boyfriend lucky ;)

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