Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Come What May

Beccy organised a trip to Abbey House Museum and Little Tokyo for the May Meet and it was good fun!
I really love the Victorian era and I loved the Victorian reconstruction of the museum.
Sophie and I however had planned to twin, well wife in Vampire Requiem for this meet since I have the JSK and she has the skirt.

Quick photos taken before leaving 

Me and Sophie wifing in Vampire Requiem (lace bolero and necklace borrowed from Sophie) and me and Hana who I met on the day who is lovely! Hopefully see her again!^^

Poor Jo was trying to teach us something and I wasn't paying attention and Sophie still doesn't know her alphabet! We're terrible students xD
We found some Victorian public loos and of course it'd be rude to not sit on them haha! Because me and Sophie were wifing, it was only right for us to be loo buddies too!
I pull such an attractive poo face xD
(David, I bet you've seen this photo but I hope you don't remember it!)

We also found a load of dressing up stuff and we thought we'd inject some pink! We miss it, especially Sophie. 

A photo under some bloomers! Oh the classiness haha! I love how we're a fun group! We enjoy ourselves and don't take ourselves too seriously ^^
And only two pinkies! Somehow almost everyone came in a black outfit...

A lovely photo taken outside the art gallery

We then moved on to Little Tokyo (which I now LOVE) for dinner. It was a lovely restaurant and they even had some Koi ^^

There was SO much food! I ordered Yaki Soba and then the lychee ice cream and the ice cream was absolutely amazing, it was so yummy!!! I'll definitely get it again and again <3

The bowl was really cool too, it was made of ice with kiwi and rose petals frozen into it.

This was an amazing meet - thank you Beccy!
If only Grace was able to make it too!

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