Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Baby's Cats =^_^=

I'm FINALLY getting round to expressing how happy I am about my little present for myself.
Ok, so AATP's Clockwork Aristo Kitty (a.k.a Baby's Cats)  costed me 3 digits and I feel absolutely broke but I regret NOTHING! NOTHING I say!
As soon as I saw it up for reservation I knew I was in love and usually I ask myself, 'do I really need this in my life?' I usually fall in love with dresses and then decide to wait until it's for sale second hand but this time I  decided that I actually will cry if I cant have this (I learn from Meta's Night of Masquerade ;___; ) so I went ahead and bought it.

I bought this dress to wear at Frock On! so I haven't touched it yet (well I tried it on) but I plan on co-ording it with this Anna House blouse so now to work out what goes on my head and legs....


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