Friday, 14 June 2013

New Territory

On Wednesday I helped my friend Aisha take some photos of her trying out a fairly new Japanese style called Shironuri. While I had heard 'Shironuri' before it was totally new territory to me and I knew close to nothing about it so I did some research!

More images available here >  [click me]

''shironuri'' (白塗り) literally translates to ''painted in white''. It refers to the white traditional makeup worn by Geisha and stage actors. Shironuri fashion takes its inspiration from many sources. As there are no real rules except having your face painted in white, any clothing worn with shironuri makeup can be considered shironuri. However, some influences are more specific to shironuri fashion. 
While researching I came across a variety of names but the one that rang a bell was Minori (the one my friend had told me about).

Minori - Her Memories of a Dream (6)

Minori - Her Memories of a Dream (15)  Minori - Her Memories of a Dream (25) 

You can find more amazing images of Minori here > [click me]

I've decided I like Shironuri,I love how theatrical it looks and after seeing how Aisha put all the elements together for her look, it looks like good fun and is a very creative process!

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