Monday, 30 September 2013

Dammit Mana-Sama-Banana!

So I started making unicorn dress right? I sewed the shirred panel (and VERY well might I add) and was very proud! However...I put it on and had to unpick  myself out again :( there wasn't quite enough stretch to get it over my shoulders again. That day, the curse 'Dammit Mana-Sama-Banana!' was born. The dress didn't happen. I couldn't...

However, it's not all doom and gloom!


September 21st was the long anticipated Pirate Loli Meet! I'd been prepping for ages for this *squee*

I even woke up super early that morning (accidentally over less frilly and fabulous reasons) and I'm glad I did because when you're having a Loli day out, there is NO such thing as leftover time when getting ready. 
Trauma #2 happened when I fell over and broke my Rocking Horse Shoes ;___;
Goodbye my babies, it's been a good 5 years. They were my most comfortable shoes (I could even run in them!) so I will most definitely get some more!


Ahoy to all pirates, sailors and mermaids!

This meet was FANTASTIC! It was like having a giant pirate themed birthday party! Paper boat race, parrot hunt (which we all did wrong xD), food festival hunt and balloon games.

Hana won

Speaking of the food festival, I finally tried Green Tea ice cream and it was soooo good! (Followed by mango sorbet which was also soooo good!!!) 

I also FINALLY reunited with Sophie! I hadn't seen my wife since around June so it was good to finally see her again and do wifely things.

Wifely things like taking her hostage and killing her...very wifely...

I also reunited with Hana after Frock On! She tried her best to be sailor-y/ piratey xD


Headpiece - Sweet Mildred (at Frock On)
Blouse - Primark
Captain Mia Skirt - Ista Mori
Tights - M&S
Shoes - Debenhams

Remember when I used to take outfit shots? I should probably do that again...


Loli paradise part #2 on 28th September! Due to the death of unicorn dress I was much displeased. The only thing I had that could be considered by then was the white Meta dress I bought from Hana at Spots & Stripes. Luckily, wifey Sophie came to the loli rescue and let me borrow her pink Tea Parties (I've never had or worn Tea Parties xD) so I made a white x pink co-ord and made a *fabulous* unicorn headpiece. It was so girly xD

Fabulous headpiece is *FABULOUS* 

Running late in the morning because Pettleworth #1 and #2 aren't good at mornings...

Team Unicorn because bears in Loli are derpy ^^'


The MOST  classy collection of Lolis xD


Unicorn Headpiece - Handmade
JSK - Metamorphose
Cardigan - M&S
Tights - M&S
Shoes - Sophie xD

That's the frills of September so far (not including the brollies hehe...) 
Bring on October and MORE frills!

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