Monday, 2 September 2013

All Frocked Out!

Finally returned home from my long weekend in London and I think it's safe to say that I'm all Frocked Out!
Thank you Kyra and Michaela for making Frock On happen, it's been a pleasure!

My frilly adventure begins on August 30th when we set off from Middlesbrough at 7:45 @__@
The bus took a good 6 hours to get there (although we did arrive in London a little early) and it was a butt numbing 6 hours for sure with no half way break :(
I personally did a lot of sleeping anyway so I guess I wasn't too fussed.
It was a bit of a trek to the hotel which wasn't really fabulous and it was so warm >< darn you London and your super warm weather! I travelled down in my Batman jumper to be cosy on the bus but to hell with it now!
Having arrived at a very nice hotel (much, much nicer than the one the Little Asian and I stayed at) the jumper came off, the aircon came on and my face met the pillow!

Hanging up our dresses so they don't get creased ^^ I'm still amazed at Kwannie's super packing skills!

Following the freshening up, we went out to Piccadilly Circus to do dinner. We ended up at Pizza Hut and I dearly hoped that Baby's Cats would still fit in the morning xD

Emma, Jordan, Carly, Kwannie & Heather
Journeying out to feed our frilly food babies

Waddling in a borrowed (and very short for loli) dress as I try to find the whereabouts of my wifey.

As Emma, Kwannie and Hana adventured off to the fashion show rehearsal, the rest of us adventured onwards going into TokyoToys, another really cute shop in the Trocadero Centre, The Japan Centre and Uniqlo which I fell in love with! The texture of their clothing is amazing! I bought a t-shirt and will never get over how soft and comfy it is ^^ the puffer jackets were also amazing! But how many people can actually look good in a puffer jacket? I know I can't but I'd love to make a quilt out of them!
Finally, we went down China Town and I was able to get some Bubble Tea from BubbleCha! Yay!
I also finished my embroidery for the Little Asian that night!

31st August 2013

Wheeee! The day I've awaited and spent loads on finally arrives! Today is the ultimate day of frills!

Travelling down with Emma and the twinsies!

One Whitehall Place - a BEAUTIFUL venue!

Pre-Frock On I had a disaster and had forgotten my ticket and I was still panicky even though I'd been told it's ok if I have my order confirmation until I got there and was presented with another ticket ^^'
Jo caressed Baby's Cats while I caressed her beautiful Surface Spell dress (I want this dress so bad!) 

Homina, homina! Bring and Buy sale! 
This is where I saw Innocent World's Happy Pie Apron JSK
AKA Boob Pie! I can't believe I actually saw it in person and saw someone buy it. Now I wish I tried it on and took a photo of me in it! For me, that is better than owning it!

I bought some VERY beautiful Grimoire OTKS! They don't go with any of my loli but I look forward to wearing them none the less!

Me with the very adorable designer Hitomi.  The Grimoire website is a real visual treat *w* check it out!

Coco Milk did a panel on how to and how not to pose in photos. The Malfoy anyone ;) (memory depending, I might do a round up of the poses haha)

Being kawaii with Caitin   A wifely photo with Hana  And Michaela wanting in xD

Derping with Erin - it really has been a pleasuring derping at Frock On with you! And this is officially one of the worst arm hearts I have ever laid eyes upon xD

A beautifully derpy photo with my amazing Leeds Comm. I love you all!!!

At the end of a beautiful day of frilly goodness we ended our Frock On adventure with a nice Japanese meal together ^^

The goods! That Victorian Maiden dress *heart* 
I can't believe it actually fits! xD

This year's Frock On has been an absolute treat and I'm so happy to have been able to make it!
Now to end this long post with another beautiful photo of me and Erin ;)

JSK - AATP Clockwork Aristo Kitty (aka, Baby's Cats)
Cardigan - Primark
Headbow - Handmade
Neckalce - Offbrand
Stockings - Primark
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Debenhams 

See Y'all next year! I'll be getting me a Frock On jar ready to save my pennies for next year!

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