Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Birth of the Unicorn Dress

28th of September is the Unicorns vs Bears meet in Leeds and I've only just got round to making my dress despite knowing about this for ages - truth is I've been on the lookout for Meta's Twinkle Journey ^^'
But anways, I'm not a very big fan of bears in Lolita, they usually look a bit derpy or too cutesy for me. (I LOVE cute bears but I am 20 after all and I on't really keep a sweet wardrobe) unicorn it is! And dammit Twinkle Journey! One day, I WILL own you!

One day Twinkle day....

I did a browse for unicorn prints online but anything that I liked would take way  too long to get here (and was too expensive) so I decided I'd do an embroidery unicorn!
This was also my first time I drafted my own pattern. Hopefully it'll be ok and fit...

Initial sketches for the dress and embroidery

The pattern pieces for the bodice

The bodice and pinned together with the panel for shirring peeking out xD

I'm about to head out for Caitlin and Erin's bye bye meal (will miss you both so much :( ) so I'll sew this when I get back at the weekend. 

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