Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Miss HK 2013 - Grandad's Disappointment

That time of year has been again! On 1st September, the winner of Miss Hong Kong 2013 was announced! 22 year old Grace Chan (#17) won with over 170,000 votes.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 17 Grace Chan a

(l - r) 1st runner up Sisley Choi, winner Grace Chan, 2nd runner up Moon Lau

All 20 contestants

I missed last year's pageant and I've been displeased with the outcome in previous years as they were just looking at height rather than the whole package. This year however, I am very pleased with the outcome! I find Grace to be very beautiful and photogenic. 
Now every year my Grandad predicts who he feels would win Miss HK and has always been right but this year he thought 2nd runner up Moon Lau should have won. She does have a pretty face but I prefer Grace Chan - I feel she really has the looks of a Miss Hong Kong winner.

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