Sunday, 13 October 2013

Option in Red

On Thursday my laptop died on me so I couldn't do any research, work or continue episode 9 of Face to Fate. (sigh...after FINALLY getting everything working again as well!)
So bored out of my mind I decided to address that bundle or red polka dot fabric that I was suppose to make a dress from for Spots and Stripes meet.

At first I had a nosy at WGSN and and Vogue but there wasn't anything that caught my eye and at the moment, the highstreet is hardly inspiring so for this dress I took inspiration from the dress Usagi wears in Sailor Moon Volume 4.

I drafted a pattern from scratch based on a dress by Henry Holland for Debenhams. It turned out a bit bigger than planned to I had to take a bit it around the chest and waist. There is also a panel of shirring at the back which makes it a bit too loose for me so I added waist ties so I could make it fit better.
I was really pleased to have finished the dress in half a day. Usually I add a lace trim or ruffle to everything I sew but this time I left it plain.

Front                      Back

I really like the simplicity.

Time to play!

1. Although I have to do up the waist ties pretty tight, I really like the fit and simplicity and how it reminds me of Usagi's dress (it would be more similar had I made mine shorter). The minimalism is great for casual wear.

2. This is probably how I'd wear the dress if i were going to a wedding or party. I added a petticoat to give a fuller shape. I think it makes a nice classic semi formal outfit without losing a fun, young touch.

3. The Rufflebutt look! Had I made it for the Spots and Stripes meet, this is probably how I'd have worn it. I would probably also add a floral headdress.

This dress was fun to make and experiment with. I still have another metre or so of this fabric left so let's see what else I can create!

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