Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

So all the better to stay indoors and watch things! 
I have been doing a lot of stuff watching lately, I very, very recently finished Game of Thrones Season One (poor Bean-chan ;__;) and have made a start on this season's anime. But first, what did I make of last season?

Lots of thoughts and *spoilers* ahead and more thoughts!

Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus ~ Completed!
Enjoyed it all the way through (as predicted). There were some unexpected feels, some comical parts and the Phantomhive household is as energetic as ever. I really loved the character designs for all the members of Noah's Ark but it's a shame things didn't work out for them :<
Overall, spiffing! 

Zankyou no Terror ~ Completed!
Really enjoyed the Greek myths/ riddles/ puzzles in this! Easy names (Nine, Twelve, Lisa!) is a bonus as I'm starting to struggle to remember all these names @__@ I didn't love it as much when Five turned up - not sure if it's just because I didn't like her  but she did have an interesting design and I enjoyed her 'Engrish' xD
The end was unexpected and gave me feels. 

Akame ga Kill ~ in progress
Definitely one of my favourites of the season but heck, it needs to stop giving me feels, I can't handle characters I start liking suddenly dying on me ( why so brutal ;__;) but I do like that people don't just die off screen. *ahem*
Still really enjoying it at the moment but I can't decide how to feel, like I shouldn't like the bad guys but I can't help it, Esdeath might be cray cray and sadistic but she has really grown on me and I can't help but like her!

Tokyo Ghoul ~ Completed!
Tokyo Ghoul is a bit darker and different to things I usually watch or have watched so I quite enjoyed it to begin with
*caw caw caw*
O...k...why is the main character so useless? Like really? And why is it so censored? (Akame ga Kill lets me see people die!) The series became quite dry for me half way through and then one day, things happened!
Me: "Omg! He FINALLY does a thing!"
David: "Yeah, this is the last episode."
Me: "..."

Aldnoah.Zero ~ Episode #2
I didn't really know what to think of it at first but after the second I just didn't really care much for it and didn't give it a third. I think Mecha things just aren't for me. Wasn't too fussed about the art either.

Momo Kyun Sword ~ Episode #1
Ugh...I couldn't, it was terrible. I couldn't watch on.

Sailor Moon Crystal ~ ...
I've expressed many a times about how I feel about this. I just couldn't. My thoughts from here still apply.

Phew! So there we go, that's what I made of last season. I hope you're ready for more thoughts!

So far I have picked up these three!

Terra Formars ~ Episode #1
Not too sure what to make of this yet but I can imagine it not being my thing, might end up finishing it if David finds it to be his thing since we watch most things together over the weekend. 

Madan no Ou to Vanadis ~ Episode #1
We picked this one up randomly to see what it's like and I quite liked the first episode so I'll probably give it a few more to get a feel for it but I like the art and character designs so I might finish it.

Akatsuki no Yona ~ Episode #1
I really enjoy historical/ ancient/ period Asian dramas so I wanted to see if I'd enjoy that kind of anime too. At first Yona was a bit annoying, like a regular girl with a case of  'Princess Sickness'  (but she actually is a Princess, so it's A-ok!) but I can see that changing relatively quickly. I really like the art and designs for this anime so I'll keep watching.
I have two questions though:
1# Why does the pretty boy always have to be a bad guy?
2# Why does this remind me of a dating sim I once had...?

Things I will pick up:

Kuroshitsuji - Book of Murder
Because Kuroshitsuji. As if I'd watch all the seasons and not this one!

I imagine this to be like Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to but in the anime industry with women problems.

Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden: Kuinaki Sentaku
I LIKE SnK! There! I said it!

To Love-Ru Darkness OVA
I've been waiting for more To Love-Ru. I am ready!


So there we go, that's me!
What're you watching an what did you enjoy?

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