Monday, 13 October 2014

Home, Sweet Home

On 9th October I went back to England for the first time since starting my placement. First things first, I went into uni to have a chat with Nicola about what I need to be doing right now, how my placement is going and what I've learnt and what I need to do in preparation for next year. It was nice to have someone to talk to about my concerns about final year and first world problems!

I was also really nice to go home and see my family, be fed lots of food and be somewhere warm - I can't work this Economy 7 heating system in my flat and it's been really cold :<
HOWEVER, the REAL highlight for me was the food I had while I was home!

I went to Nando's for the first time in months (I've missed Nando's!). Nando's was fabulous as was seeing some familiar faces! I also got some Green Tea Kit-Kats from Japan which I am still rationing (it's a struggle!)
Once I got home home it was certainly a food fest! Crab, lobster, roast duck, roast pork *heart* and that's just the big things!

On Saturday morning Grandad thought it was good idea for us all to go out to Wetherspoons for lunch. Christine got this breakfast burger and I couldn't help but be amazed at the height of it O__O
I got a hot dog, I think a few were shocked by the size of it.

My cousin from Scotland also came to visit that weekend and along with him came his cupcakes! I love cake so I'd been super excited about his cakes ever since I'd seen pictures on his cafes' Facebook page. Since Eddie's based in Kilsyth I thought I'd ask him how it's pronounced (I'd been told it's pronounced 'kill-sith') and he told me 'kill-scythe' which I prefer the sound of! I think that's how David and I were hoping it was pronounced. 

I managed to get two of these babies in my food baby before leaving for Belfast and oh my, they were SO good! The buttercream icing was amazing and the sponge was so moist and fluffy! I was very pleased with my fuwa fuwa cupcake - I'll have to be sure to visit him so I can have another one because the recipe is top secret!

To see more cakes or nosy ahead of a visit click here>  Eds Cafe

While on the topic of cake, my cousin Karly baked my Grandad a cake for his birthday (He turned 90 on 12th October!) This is the first time she's made a Chinese styled cake (which included 9 eggs!) which is generally fatless and has a lot less sugar. Considering it was her first Chinese cake I thought it was great and beautifully decorated! I want one for my birthday too!

That's not all though! I got myself a bundle of Asian sweets, dried mango and moon cake to take back to Belfast with me ^^
That's it for now but I'm sure we'll talk about food again soon!

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