Thursday, 23 October 2014

10 Years of Fashion Week

Last week marked the 10th year of Belfast Fashion Week. I was like 'oh my!' at first, thinking it was like London Fashion Week but I later found out that it was more of a local retailers kind of thing but I was still exited to see what the designers and retailers in Northern Ireland had to offer.
Lizzie had been working on two new pieces especially for the fashion show on 17th October; a bridal/ evening gown with a intricate centre piece and another kimono creation.

She was also going to have a stand with some dresses out for show so we took a selection of dresses and stuff to go and set up on the Wednesday. The venue is a 'New Age Church' and she had previously described it to be like a cult church so I was really interested in seeing the place, especially since it's near where I live.

Behold, pictures of the inside of 'Cult Church'
The first thing I saw as I went in

This is where the service is held (I think?)

It totally doesn't feel like a church in anyway and it definitely doesn't look anything like one! I actually really liked the decor and lighting, I could go there once a week, not too sure about the actual service though.

(l-r Louise, Hera, dress for Rebecca Maguire & Joanna)
Lizzie's stand featuring her bridal gowns Louise, Hera and Joanna and the dress she made for former Miss Ireland Rebecca Maguire to present the final of Miss Ireland 2014.
The Louise was later swapped out for Garbo.  

Transporting the dresses and shoes to the venue on Friday morning

Prep, prep, prep!

Every model had a rail of 'looks' in the order they'f be worn in. It was very cramped backstage with not much space to move @__@
Even the fittings felt hectic.

I came across these lovely photos of Ernesta and Jayne, the models I dressed.

After a struggle of finding good photos of each model I thought why not just share the video of each model and dress in action! Please have a nosy and enjoy Lizzie's gorgeous collection!

Do you have a favourite?

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