Monday, 29 September 2014

So you think you're winning huh?

If you're female, I can do presents. If you're male, I'm going to try hard. 
It's that time of year again, Mr Rachel's birthday is creeping up and I really have spent the last month or so wonder 'what do?' because guys are hard to buy for. Especially this one. 

Since he got me started on playing Mario Kart I thought maybe something along that theme. I have to admit he's very good at the game, even with a delayed start. (We played the Mario Kart drinking game - gotta finish your drink but no drink driving! He always finishes the drink first and then goes on to come first.) However, he always gets all pissed off when the blue shell hits, I decided to make a thing! A BLUE SHELL!!!

I was going to make a cushion but then decided to turn it into a stuffed shell and now it's kind of stuck in between since there wasn't enough fabric to make it the right shape when fully stuffed ^^'
Makes a good elbow rest though!

Here are some pics of it in progress.

And it is STILL in progress but I'm nearly done! I have until Friday, I can do this!!!

(Wednesday 1st October)

Just some finishing touches but it's pretty much finished! WIN!

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