Monday, 1 September 2014

Meta Monday!

I can't say I've been getting up to very much recently but I did decide I want to be more frilly! It's a shame to have all this loli and not really wear it so since the Tea Party Club's anniversary event Revelry is coming up,I thought I'd join in with 'Meta Mondays'! So usually something Meta related is posted for discussion, to get my fill of frills I decided to wear Meta every Monday leading up to the event.

Today I had to pop into town for a few bits and bobs so I put together a casual co-ord. Why? Because Meta. I actually really liked this casual look and how wearable it is so it would be nice to have some more casual pieces for daily wear. However...annoyingly enough I prefer to wear JSKs but I feel skirts are more versatile and look more casual. #loliproblems

Beret - eBay
Bows - Meta (from another JSK)
Top - Primark
Cardigan - M&S
Skirt - Meta
Bag - Taobao (Loris)

Socks - Primark

Shoes - eBay

For those who are interested, I only bought non-stick pans xD

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