Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Lovely 2D World

I feel like I've been on an anime ball which is great! I loved it so much as a child and then went through a very, very slow phase so now I really am so happy to be a seasonal watcher, not a casual!

Now, as for things I picked up over the autumn!

Terra Formars ~ Dropped
I only watched one episode of this in the end. It just wasn't my thing and apparently not David's either so neither of us carried on with it.

 Danna ga Nani wo Itteriru ka Wakaranai Ken ~ Completed!
This gives an interesting insight in what life would be like if my other half were an otaku and I were to be 'normal'. A fun, fun anime with fun references but the episodes were a bit short for me, I prefer things with a bit more umph!

Madan no Ou to Vanadis ~ Completed!
So...nothing was super exciting about this anime even in the end but I enjoyed the whole thing, it's characters and the art.

Psycho-Pass 2 ~ Completed!
I really loved Psycho-Pass so was quite excited for psycho-Pass 2. However, I was sadly disappointed. It just didn't have the same 'umph' and charm that the first series had and it just wasn't the same without the characters I loved so much in the original series.

 Akatsuki no Yona ~ Completed!
I picked this up out of curiosity and I'm so glad I did because this was my favourite anime of the season! It has been a good ride watching Yona grow as a person as she learns to cope and strives to survive and protect those that are close to her. It has been good fun following her on her adventure and meeting those who come to join her, especially Jaeha - his scenes with Hak were very enjoyable to watch and Jaeha is best dragon!
I found myself really moved by the whole thing and that last scene that Yona and Hak shared was the most beautiful thing! There simply must be a second season!

Parasyte ~ Completed!
This was a VERY different anime! I haven't seen anything like Parasyte before. It was very interesting to watch Shinichi change long the way from the scared boy who first finds that a parasyte has taken over his right hand to the strong and logical character he becomes! Most enjoyable and I am intrigued about the live action movie!

Shirobako ~ Completed!
WELL! This was NOTHING like Mangaka-san to Assistant-san! It was great to get an insight into how the anime industry works - all the hypes and stresses and the people involved. It was interesting to watch the main characters grow and achieve their dreams and discover why they want to work in the anime industry. It also made me question what I want to do. Very inspiring! I especially loved the idea of wearing Lolita like armour! 

And some others:

AnoHana ~ Completed!
One off my hard drive and boy does this anime have a LONG title!!!
This was full of laughs and tears galore! The discovering of Menma's wish and the coming together of a loosened group of childhood friends was very heart warming! A lovely anime in both story, characters and art!

Durarara!! ~ Completed!
One that David brought over one weekend out of the blue! This also a very different watch with a LOT of characters! It was a fun ride and I grew to love a lot of the characters, especially Celty, Shinra, Shizuo, Izaya and Simon! I also have the greatest curiosity about Russian Sushi. Like is the rice infused with Vodka? I'd love to know!

So there we go! A nice juicy roundup of the things I'd been watching! What did you watch? I will share my winter watches very soon!

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