Monday, 20 April 2015

After Midnight

On 17th April I launched a Facebook page for my little business. Please follow the link to see the things I've made and works in progress. 

Where did this come from?
Since wearing Lolita fashion I've found myself making hair accessories to go finish off my outfits. First it was just little bow clips and then it moved onto headbands.


At the same time as developing my own collection utilizing things learnt from interning in the bridal industry, I enjoy taking commissions since I never know what the next thing will be and I love a challenge! At the moment my work is very Lolita orientated but I look forward to expanding and creating things to cater to anyone who wants a special handmade piece. Having worked in bridal, I would like to create some pieces that are a bit daintier for brides, bridesmaid and even flower girls.

What kinds of things do we make now?
Here are a few commissions. The possibilities are endless and and I will be happy to make you something as long as I have sufficient time and I can get the materials needed!


How much do you charge?
That varies depending on what it is you'd like. Flower or bow clips start from £3 - £5 each depending on size and if I already have them in stock. Bow headbands start from £10 and floral headbands start from £20 depending on the design and the types of flowers and embellishments used. 

Lastly, Why 'After Midnight'?
Because that is why I feel most lively and creative! Most nights you'll find me working away with an old anime on in the background for 'company' or doodling up design ideas! I also like to watch things late at night while I make petals since that can take a while even though I don't need to be too focused. Game of Thrones and sewing goes surprisingly well!

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