Friday, 30 January 2015

Innocent Chaos

Oops...big gap. 
So I've been at Innocent Chaos for three weeks now and so far it has been a blast! Over Christmas everyone home was asking 'what is Innocent Chaos? What do they do?' and when I tried to explain I don't think my first gen Chinese relatives *really* got it. My cousin was on board though, she'd been considering a brooch bouquet for her wedding.

Short answer to the question - We make brooch bouquets.
Longer answer - We spend a lot of time sourcing brooches and and prepping beads and pearls to make beautiful brooch bouquets that you can keep forever! 

However, Sharon also makes a lot of lovely jewellery and accessories and sometimes she'll style weddings too!

During the first week I did a lot of prep work with beans and wire and drank CRAZY amounts of tea! I'm really happy to be doing a lot of making, it's been really fun and it rekindled my love for making things.

During the first week we also did a photo shoot at AM:PM with Weddings at Tiffany's featuring three different looks.

Much excited to see what else I'll get up to but I'm just simply loving the creativity, tea, biscuits and being surrounded by pretty things plus Sharon and Ciara [from Wedding's at Tiffany's] are SO much fun!


Styling: Weddings at Tiffany's & Innocent Chaos
Model: Leanna Owens
Hair: The Hair Lounge
Makeup: Aisling Marie
Dresses: Forever Bridal
Props: Weddings at Tiffany's and Innocent Chaos
Fresh flowers and Brooch bouquets: Innocent Chaos
Photographer: Joshua McMichael Photography

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