Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Getting Crafty

Back in July I learnt ho to make fabric flowers at work and in the past few months I've been working on another floral project but very slowly ^^'

Every part starts off being a triangle. I added a gold edge onto my nay triangles to both seal the edges and prevent fraying and to match the rest of the gold elements. A running stitch goes along the two shorter sides and the fabric is gathered together to make the leaves.


A made four leaves and then attached them to a hair comb. Gold organza was wrapped onto it so the leaves had something to hold on to and of course to match xD 
They were mostly sewn on but a little super glue was needed to make sure they didn't move.

The flowers are made using the same technique. Bigger triangles were used to make the base flower. The centre is a cute button from Hobbycraft

The flower was then arranged and firmly stitched onto the leaves. Also added a little glue for security. It would be sad if the flower wobbled off.

The rest of the flowers were attached in the same way. Gold and pearl beads were then made into a chin and attached to the comb. And here we go! Ta-da!

And here it is, all boxed up with navy OTK's. To HK we go!

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