Monday, 12 August 2013

Small Asians, Big City: Herro Rondon

On Monday 5th August me and the little Asian (I'm Big Asian despite being really little) went to *Rondon
On my last visit (the Q-Con visit) we made a list of the things we wanted to go see:

1. Jack the Ripper Tour
2. British Museum
3. Madame Tussaud
4. Natural History Museum
5. Freud Museum
6. Sherlock Holmes Museuem
7. London Aquarium
8. Hampton Court Palace
9. Harry Potter Studios
10 London Zoo

Here is a glimpse of our little adventure, let's see how many things we managed to cross off the list!

* Monday 5th August *
We arrived at Kings Cross Station a while after 4pm and went straight to our hotel (Belgrave Hotel) which turned out to be literally across the road. However, it couldn't be that easy! We had to overcome at least 3 sets of traffic lights (which took forever to change) before we could get there @___@
The hotel...hmm, couldn't call it fabulous, especially not for the price we paid for it. The receptionist looked pretty glum and the walls had holes in them O.O
I was like 'sei la...hak dim ahhhh~'  ('s a trouble-spot hotel~ )
It rained a lot when we got there so there wasn't much opportunity to explore although when the rain cleared a tad we adventured out to get the Tube to Buckingham Palace.

Things off the list so far: 0

* Tuesday 6th August *
On Tuesday we adventured out to Buckingham Palace again to see the changing of the Queen's Guard. The place was absolutely pack and we were literally like sardines in a can ><
It was very hard to see anything, especially at my height :(
Fortunately I could see in the iPad in from of me as some guy filmed the whole thing.

Buckingham Palace Gardens

Since it wasn't too far from the V&A we adventured there next and had a good nosy. After much nosying it seemed that sadly, we weren't as excited about it as we thought (on my part, it might be because I've been here countless times). Part of me wanted to ask someone if they still had the Lolita exhibition archived somewhere but in the end I decided against it in case they didn't know what I was talking about and thought the little Asian or I had some weird fetishes.

Things off the list so far: 0 (the Natural History Museum's queue was too long for us to attempt)

* Wednesday 7th August *
We were VERY disappointed with the lack of things crossed off the list so today we made an attempt to get things done! We started off with going to the British Museum where we marveled at the goods we'd pinched since Queen Victoria's reign and we learnt 2 things. If it's missing a head, the statue is Greek and if it's missing limbs, it's Roman!

I wonder how many pillars are left at the Parthenon...

We adventured down towards Westminster for our next adventure to the London Aquarium!
Ever since going to The Deep with my little Asian, I've fallen deeply in love with Aquariums even though they make me feel guilty for loving seafood so much ^^'

Later that evening we went on a river cruise along the Thames 

Things off the list so far: 2!

* Thursday 8th August *

we adventured down to Baker Street hoping to go see the Sherlock Holmes museum but sadly it was too busy for an online booking and the queue was insane so we didn't end up going but we did nosy in the gift shop. Overall I guess it wasn't all at loss since I'm personally not that clued up on my Sherlock. (My favourite is the Cumberbatch version anyways) 

Later on we went to Madame Tussaud to scope out some waxy goodness and posed appropriate and inappropriately ^^'
Following that we went on the Ghost Tour (thank you Wowcher) which was interesting and we think we saw our very own ghost. Typically, an Asian ghost...

Things off the list so far: 3

* Friday 9th August *

 London trip is nearly over :(
FINALLY got to adventure into Buckingham Palace (still not sure if the Queen was in that day but if she was she didn't come out to play). Buckingham Palace is one hell of a place! The architecture and interior is amazing! Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos but I bought the guide book.
(This was added to the list)

The adventure continued to London Zoo and it took us so, so long to get there because we went through Regents Park which was lovely and scenic but the walk was a hell of a walk!
We were a little pressed for time but magically managed to see everything.

Things off the list so far: 5

* Saturday 10th August *

Last day in Rondon :( wahhhhhhh!
During the week we went through the list (well every night) and we established that we were going to scrap the Freud Museum since we weren't bothered about it and the Natural History Museum. We gave up on the Sherlock Holmes Museum since the queue was huge when we went back again and sadly, we couldn't go to Hampton Court because it was too far out and the Harry Potter Studios was fully booked until the end of the month :( We thought we'd try to make it up to ourselves by going to Platform 9 3/4 to see the trolley they embedded into the wall but that wasn't there either :(
So on our final day we went to The Tower of London - the Crown Jewels were very blingy! 
Finally our Rondon adventures end with the Jack the Ripper tour that we nearly missed because of some of the lines closing and found thanks to GPS!

The List

1. Jack the Ripper Tour
2. British Museum
3. Madame Tussaud
4. Natural History Museum
5. Freud Museum
6. Sherlock Holmes Museuem
7. London Aquarium
8. Hampton Court Palace
9. Harry Potter Studios
10 London Zoo
+ Ghost Tour
+ Tower of London

* Sunday 11th August *

Time to bid both Rondon and my Little Asian farewell :'(

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